12 September 2010

Sunday Sidelines

Welcome to another Sunday Sidelines! I have so much to talk about today. It has been an exciting week and another exciting week will be coming up!

BlogFest 2010

I hope that you will take some time today to visit the blogs who are participating in BlogFest 2010! Over 200 bloggers are offering giveaways on top of the opportunity to visit their wonderful reading blogs. The host, A Journey of Books, has created a tracking site where you can keep up with which ones you have visited. It all ends at 11:59 pm tonight, so start visiting!

Another fun thing I do every week is Unconscious Mutterings, hosted by Luna Nina! It is so much fun to see answer these free association suggestions and go back and see how others have answered. Participation has been down a bit so I hope you will go play her game so that she continues to do this!

    Singapore :: Nights
    blah blah blah :: Seinfeld
    Stall :: bathroom
    Bowls :: 300
    Entrance :: Exam
    Antique :: dresser
    Elizabeth :: Bennett
    Hook :: line and sinker
    Width :: and depth
    Photo journalism :: Viet Nam War

    Next week starts another big event in the world of blogging. Book Blogger Appreciation Week will be full of wonderful surprises - blogs with awards, interviews with other bloggers - so I hope you will stop by for a visit throughout the week. On Tuesday, I will be posting my interview with Heather J. from Age 30+...A Lifetime of Books. It is oh so exciting!

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