25 June 2008

Tuesday Thingers

The question asked this week is what is the least favorite book in your library - not as in the one you liked the least, but the one that is least cataloged by other Library Thingers. In my case, it is one of my favorite childhood books. The title is Miss Jellytots Visit which was published in 1955 and only listed by four other people.

True confession time - this is the only book that never got returned to my local library - please do not send out the library police! When we were kids, we used to go up to the local grocery store where the book mobile came every Thursday afternoon. I can vividly remember riding our bikes up there to check out books. For some reason, this book never got returned and I did not see it again until years later. I kept meaning to take it back, but it just never happened. After four children and many years, it has turned up again in my book stacks. Maybe one day I will take it back to the library, but I have grown rather attached. I have donated many books to the public library, so maybe that makes up for my "book sin" - one can only hope.

As for the book, I haven't read it in many years. Seems that my only daughter read it but thought it was too old fashioned. The story centers on one family whose mother always prepares the spare bedroom for their guests and makes jelly tots as a treat for them. The little girl in the family wants to be treated the same way. The mother and father make a deal that the daughter can "visit" as a guest to the family, but she must act and dress like her mother's friends. The "visit" is very funny as the daughter tries to act grown up. She must think about her decision when her own friend comes by to ask her to come see his new puppies. Of course, Miss Jellytot would not be interested in puppies, while the young girl wants desperately to do see them. The story ends with the young girl realizing that it is better to just be who you are. I read this book over and over!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed this last week !

Lol I have a few old books I borrowed from my grade school library. I always meant for my younger siblings to take them back. Lol maybe I'll mail them back now that I'm thinking about it.