02 June 2008

Tuesday Thingers

I only have 86 books cataloged in Library Thing, but I am adding them slowly but surely. So many of my books are in boxes that I have been slow pulling them down to add. I also like to try and post a review, even if fairly brief, so it is time consuming - as you all already know!

As to what I catalog - books that I own, books that I borrow, and generally anything that I read. I absolutely love Library Thing and could get lost in it forever!

Thank you for posting our weekly topic - I am trying diligently to get caught up with reading everyone's post. I had to have a fairly intensive medical procedure today so I am a little loopy today! See you all next Tuesday.



Marie said...

thanks for joining us & I hope you're feeling better soon :-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed this :) LT is amazing isn't it!!