02 June 2008

21. Stargirl

What a delightful book. Stargirl, who has been homeschooled, shows up at Mica High School and changes the culture of the school with her individualistic antics. She plays her ukelele, wears outlandish outfits, cheers for the opposing teams as well as her own, and falls in love with Leo. The vary idiosyncracies Leo fell in love with in Stargirl soon became too much fror Leo and the school to tolerate and Leo convinced Stargirl to try harder to fit in. She does that and soon her popularity dropped and she was "shunned". Ultimately the relationship ends, but Leo never forgets. This story shows the cliques found in every high school and how the students become "one". I loved this book. It was pure delight!
TITLE: Stargirl
AUTHOR: Jerry Spinelli
PAGES: 186
TYPE: Fiction
RECOMMEND: Absolute delight, everyone should read

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