27 June 2008

22. Emma

Jane Austen was thirty nine years old when Emma was published. She died only a year and a half later. During her lifetime, she only earned 40 pounds for this remarkable work of literature. At the Prince Regent’s request, Austen dedicated her book to him.
Emma is a comedy of manners and romance. The title character Emma Woodhouse lives happily, and highly, with her father. She is certain that she has a gift for matchmaking until she finds her instincts at complete odds with reality. As she continues to find a mate for her friend, she maintains that she will never marry. Austen is brilliant in her descriptions of the people with whom Emma interacts. It seems that the reader knows each person, their faults and what makes them dear. Emma finds that she has misjudged and misguided a number of her friends. In the end, everyone is happy except for the reader who wishes the story would continue on and on.

AUTHOR: Jane Austen
PAGES: 304
TYPE: Fiction
RECOMMEND: Another wonderful classic, everyone should read



My Journey Through Reading... said...

I read this way back in high school and just bought it to reread. Great review!

Anonymous said...

Loved "Emma"! Maybe not as much as "Sense and Sensibility" or "Pride and Prejudice", but it's def up there!!

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