01 June 2008

20. Cranford

Absolutely wonderful. I have always been a huge fan of Jane Austen and writer's of her era. This book was originally published in installments in 1853 as a result of a request by Charles Dickens. This wonderful story of the small town of Cranford - with almost everyone who is anyone being female - introduces us to Miss Mattie, who is constantly striving to behave in a Proper manner. The women in Miss Mattie's world are brought to life through the eyes of a frequent visitor to the small English town. My favorite qoute concerns "the mouldy smell of aristocracy" which surprisingly enough is the most cherished memory of these women for whom the charade of aristocracy is the norm. In the end, the friendships and love take over the novel and leave the reader hoping to learn more about this small hamlet. Happily this is possible, because the author continues (or adds to) the story in The Chronicles of Cranford. PBS recently aired the combined stories in their Masterpiece Theatre.

If you enjoy this work by Elizabeth Gaskell, you can read three of her other works at Daily Lit. You can also read this entire work from Google Books.

TITLE: Cranford
AUTHOR: Elizabeth Gaskell
PAGES: 304
TYPE: Fiction
RECOMMEND: Wonderful classic, everyone should read


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