25 July 2010

Sunday Sidelines

So it is Sunday again. It has been an average sort of day, with all of us doing the things we usually do. Are there any ritual things you do on Sunday other than church? When my kids were small we would always go out to my ex-in-laws farm for a big Sunday dinner. That was fun, but no one goes now even though they still live on the farm.

Today I spent time getting caught up on grading since our big trip to Atlanta will be on the weekend before grades are due (sadly I planned that!). Then I spent some time reading and writing a review on Holocaust memoir Isabella: From Auschwitz to Freedom. I finished Adam and Eve: A Novel and should have that review posted here early in the week. I have a few more Holocaust books to review, but that may have to wait until next weekend!

Is there anything that made this weekend special for you? Sunday Sidelines is designed for us to learn something about each other - outside of just our book reviews! I would love to hear about your weekend rituals!

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