15 July 2010

Dolphins and reincarnation

As some of you may know, I work in a Curriculum Materials Library at a University. Our collection is K-12 materials for our preservice teachers to use with their students. So you might wonder what that has to do with dolphins and reincarnation??

When I have any spare time I read some of our books that are on display so that I can assist students in finding just the right book for their lesson plans. This last month we have had displays on the ocean - always thinking about the oil spill in the Gulf.

So today I read the book Amazing Dolphins by Sarah L. Thomson and it was wonderful to consider all the facts about dolphins that make them such special mammals. The book is a HarperCollins I Can Read! book which is considered a book that can be read with help and is defined as a book with "Engaging stories, longer sentences, and language play for developing readers." The I Can Read! books have been used with children since 1957 - which means I might have even owned one myself!!
As you can see by the cover, this particular book was written with the assistance of the Wildlife Conservation Society. A great deal of factual information is provided for our young readers and I would like to share a few lines with you:

Dolphins in a school help each other. If one is hurt and can't swim, other dolphins may lift it to the water's surface so it can breathe. (p. 19)

Dolphins like to touch and pat each other with their fins. They rub against each other. They may swim side by side with their fins touching as if they are holding hands. (p. 20)

Grown-up dolphins like to play too. (p. 22)

I am going to run right out and purchase a copy of this book for my two grandsons. They are going into first grade and Kindergarten next year and I want them to know how important it is to think about the beauty of the dolphin. And Lord, if I am going to be reincarnated as something, please let it be a dolphin. One more request, please put me somewhere other than the Gulf of Mexico because even though I don't expect to die any time soon, I am pretty sure that the Gulf still won't be safe for me by then. Until then, I will still visit the ocean to try to see the dolphins and smile that at least a few are still healthy and in the Gulf with those of us who grew up with them.

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