18 July 2010

Sunday Sidelines

This has been a different kind of weekend, and therefore, a different kind of Sunday. My mother is 84 years old and she went to the hospital (only about 5 minutes from our house, thank goodness) via ambulance on Thursday afternoon. She has Congestive Heart Failure and COPD, which means that if she catches any kind of bug, it is very easy for her lungs to become compromised. And this time, like the last two hospitalizations, she has bacterial pneumonia. Thankfully, we seem to catch it earlier now that we know what to watch for in her day to day activities. Even so, they usually have to keep her in the hospital at least a week, so my sister and I have been taking turns visiting and helping her this weekend. My dear husband and daughter have been helping as well. I haven't called my sons, who are really too busy to help and after we found out what was wrong, it seemed there was no immediate danger. All that said, I am so tired. So I didn't do too much else this weekend. It will all wait!

So here is some much better news! My daughter is a huge Braves fan and we have not been to a game in about 10 years. So last week we decided we would plan a trip to see an August home game. We originally thought we would drive up, watch the game, and drive home - why? Because of the dogs! Then it just sort of snowballed. My father-in-law arranged an overnight stay for our birthdays (all late August and early September)! Then my sister called a friend and got us Free Tickets!!! Yes! So now that our money is not tied up in game tickets, we are planning to visit the Atlanta Aquarium - which is the largest aquarium in. the. world! So we are so excited. And no we did not forget about the dogs - a good friend called the same day to offer to come by and stay with them, or just check on them if they won't stop their eternal yapping. So our little short vacation has turned into a nice few days trip. Good times, people! Good times!

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