28 January 2008

6. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See was a beautiful book that every woman should read. The power of friendship is at the heart of this story about two young girls who became "old sames" or laotong and shared their lives by writing in the folds of their fan using a secret woman's language nu shu. The girls, and later women, recorded important events in their lives and passed the fan back and forth for many years. The story of the Secret Fan is told by one of the women who lived to be in her eighties. This gave her too much time to remember deeds of mistrust and betrayal. Only at the end does one learn the truth.

Additionally this historical fiction novel provides the reader with a wide range of cultural insights. The binding of the feet is described in great detail, along with the rationale. The lives of everyday 19th century Chinese women is also explored on many levels. See writes beautifully and the reader often can visualize the simple beauty of both actions and physical items.

TITLE: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
AUTHOR: Lisa See
PAGES: 253
TYPE: Fiction
RECOMMEND: Yes, absolutely. I would recommend that all women read this book.

Flusi Cat

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