15 January 2008

4. Secret Ceremonies

Laake's story of her young adulthood as a Mormon is very easy to read although the content is somewhat disturbing. Her religious aspirations to be pleasing to God found their earthly home in bad marriages which assured her way into heaven and damning her when they failed. In spite of oaths that would require bodily harm if she shared any information about the secret ceremonies, Laake allows her readers to join her in the Temple ceremonies which bound her to her first husband in this life and the afterlife.

In the introduction, the author says that many times she gave up on writing this book. Finally, I think it was cathartic for her to tell her story - the years of turmoil in the Mormon religion. I was surprised that polygamy was not the main issue here. However, it was very interesting to think that, even without the dreaded polygamy, Mormon females remain in a position of inferiority and submission.

TITLE: Secret Ceremonies: A Mormon Woman's Intimate Diary of Marriage and Beyond
AUTHOR: Deborah Laake
PAGES: 240
TYPE: Non-Fiction
RECOMMEND: Yes, Although not as highly as the previous book on this subject

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