15 August 2010

Sunday Sidelines

Do you ever play the Sunday Luna Nina Association game? Every Sunday, she posts ten words that you should copy and then add the first word, or words, that you think of; then you add your link to hers and you can visit other participants and see what they thought of when presented with the same words. I try to play every week - fun times!
    1. Rhythm :: and blues
    2. Baby :: carriage
    3. Sanctimonious :: pretentious
    4. I like :: Big Butts and I cannot lie
    5. Constipated :: ugh
    6. Sleep late :: on the weekends
    7. Over easy :: eggs
    8. Erratic :: behaviors
    9. Umbrella :: Unbrella
    10. You don’t :: know what its like...to love somebody!

Last Sunday, my husband, my daughter and I went to Atlanta to see a Braves game and to visit the Georgia Aquarium. We drove up on Sunday, checked in to the hotel, took MARTA to Underground Atlanta, and went to the game. We had perfect seats and the Braves won, so it was a blast.

On Monday morning we managed to find our way to the Aquarium, which was magnificent. We spent a few hours wandering through five different exhibits. I think my favorite place was in front of the Beluga whales - they were enormous of course, but so graceful. The otters in the same tank were fairly funny! Here is a short video of the whales in action.

I did manage to get some reading and reviewing done as well. How are you doing this Sunday? What are the highlights of your last week? Have a great upcoming week!

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bermudaonion said...

A weekend in Atlanta is always fun! The whales are such gorgeous creatures!