25 November 2010

Enquiring Minds want to Know!

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1.What is your favorite vegetable? There are not too many vegetables that I dislike. I love eggplant and squash. I think maybe my favorite though are sweet potatoes ~ can that count. If not, then onions.

2.What is your favorite fruit? My absolute favorite fruits are Queen Anne cherries ~ which are the white cherries only available for a short time here each year. I just eat them up and settle for regular red cherries the rest of the year.

3.Do you grow any of your own fruits & vegetables? No, we live in a rental house. However my sister's family has a Farmer's Market and we often have access to very fresh fruits and vegetables.


Barb said...

I'm with you on veggies! Not a fan of eggplant but almost every other veggie is fair game! Christmas dinner at my house is served with about 8 different veggies :)

dollycas aka Lori said...

My veggie palate is very small, peas, beets, corn.

Thanks for playing !!!