11 April 2010

Sunday Sidelines

Welcome to another Sunday Sidelines. It has been a beautiful week in Northwest Florida with spring weather a warm welcome after an unusually cold winter. I managed to take the day off on Friday and my husband, my daughter and I took our two grandsons to Pensacola Beach. It was still a bit too cold to get in the water, although there were some brave souls who seemed to be having fun splashing about in the waves. Instead we walked to the end of the long fishing pier on the Gulf Side and wandered a bit on the Sound Side.

The water was beautiful and fairly calm for the Gulf Side. We did watch four or five people surfing - long boards, because the waves were too small for a short board.

Today we started with yard work...twelve bags full of leaves and still only half done. The leaves are falling faster than we can rake and sweep them up! We had to have the philosopical argument with our daughter who insists putting the leaves in bags is an environmental travesty. Still I suspect our neighbors appreciate our leaves being contained, plus it was faster.

Then this afternoon we all three went to a production of Grease at the University of West Florida. It was a student production and overall quite cute. The music was good and some of the singers were great!

This last week, I finished a few books and should have reviews posted early in the week:

An Unfinished Score - Elise Blackwell

She's So Dead to Us - Kieran Scott

Have a wonderful week!!

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