21 March 2010

Friday Firsts

I have been looking for some good memes to follow and I like this one. I think the first sentence in a book is so important.

Side note - a class I took required that we write a 30 page paper on original historical research that was 95% of our grade. All semester, I researched and read. When it came time to write the paper, I could not get that first sentence on the computer (which mind you was a relatively new thing at our house in the early 1990s). I finally got the best sentence written and was delighted with the prospects of creating a beautiful paper. The computer crashed, I lost my sentence, I cried. I finally wrote another one and made sure to hit save almost immediately.

Fist line: The city teetered in a dream state.

This is the cover of the Advance Readers' Edition which I have just finished reading and will review soonish. The back cover tells me that "As the city of Saigon falls, Helen Adams, an American photojournalist, must leave the devastated country she has come to call her own." So knowing these things, the first sentence drew me right into the book.

Book: The Lotus Eaters by Tatjama Soli ISBN: 978-0312611576
This is the cover of the book as it was published March 2010. I really liked this book although it was somewhat sad and melancholy.
I hope that you will allow me to participate in your meme - I promise to try to get it done on Friday in the future. I look forward to seeing what you are reading.
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