13 February 2009

1. The Cats in Krasinski Square

Dear Fellow Readers and Reviewers,
I am trying to get caught up with books that I read in November and December. We have just been so busy with puppies and children that I can barely find time to read much less post a review. But I am determined to share my thoughts with you as you share yours with me. Thanks for the daily inspiration.

This is a book about a girl; a picture book about a very brave Jewish girl passing as Aryan who helped to get food and supplies to the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto. The tale focuses on one very small event where the young girl and her sister and friends trick the Nazi guards to smuggle needed supplies to the over-crowded Ghetto. The Nazi dogs trained to sniff out food are foiled when the resistance members release all the Ghetto cats! This book could be used with young children as a lesson in bravery. Because the author provides factual information in the back of the book, it could also be used with older children as a means of introducing the Resistance movements. Illustrator Wendy Watson did a beautiful job with conveying subtle meanings to enhance the story.

TITLE: The Cats in Krasinski Square
AUTHOR: Karen Hesse
TYPE: fiction, based on historical events
AWARDS: Sydney Taylor Book Awards Honor Book 2004 Older Readers, ALA Noteable Book for Children 2005
RECOMMEND: This is a wonderful short book to introduce children to some of the events and emotions of the Holocaust


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