16 December 2008

45. The Gates of Trevalyan

Thank you to Library Thing and Belle Books for the opportunity to read and review this book about the Civil War,

As a historian and a librarian, I thought that I would really love this book. In the beginning, as I was introduced to main characters Jenny Mobley, Emily Hill, and Charles King, I was still hopeful. In many ways this is the classic Gone With the Wind story with large Georgia plantations and all of the trappings of Southern culture and slavery.

Unfortunately, for me, the story, weak to begin with, got lost in the military and political history. I was able to finish the book only by skimming the long drawn out details. I will say that the history seemed to be well researched. So if you would like to know more about the Civil War era, espeicially in Georgia, you might like this book.

TITLE: The Gates of Trevalyan
AUTHOR: Jacquelyn Cook
PAGES: 365
TYPE: historical fiction
RECOMMEND: Only if you really like military and political history

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