14 April 2008

16. The Geography Club

Russell Middlebrook is a sophomore in high school. He is also gay. He also believes that he is the only person in the school who is! As the story unfolds, Russell describes the other kids in his school – how there are cliques, with some people in and some out, and some people who no one will befriend. When he finds that one of the most popular boys in school is also gay, he confides in his best friend Min who then surprises Russell by stating that she is bisexual. The friends decide they would like to start a club, a place where they could talk about the loneliness and fear they feel about their sexuality. But they do not want everyone – no, anyone – to know. So they start what should be a very unpopular club – the Geography Club. They learn about themselves and others as their friendships are tested.

TITLE: The Geography Club
AUTHOR: Brent Hartinger
PAGES: 240
TYPE: Fiction
RECOMMEND: Yes, I suspect that this is a fair portrayal of high school attitudes toward homosexuality

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