25 November 2008

Library Things

I positively love widgets. I have the Random Books from My Library widget on my LibrarysCat Book List Blog. On my personal blog I have a postcrossing widget and a wonderfully fun Wordle. If you have never done one before, you should visit my blog and try it! It makes a word mosaic of sorts with the most common words from your blog.

I was fortunate to participate in a library program called 23 Things. We had to blog about it and while I no longer update it, there are some fun things linked there...photo mosaics, sandboxes, wikis, technorati, delicious, bubblr, and of all things::::LibraryThing! It is rather funny looking back at my first experience there! We basically learned about Web 2.0 applications and had to work with them from our own offices...it was great. Thanks to the PLAN folks for providing me with this opportunity.

Great question as always.



Wendi B. - Wendi's Book Corner ~ Rainy Day Reads in Seattle said...

You know more about widgets than I do!!

:) Wendi
Here's my Thinger!

BooksPlease said...

I love widgets too. My answer is here.

jlshall said...

I've played around with Wordle, too. And I've recently found out about delicious and technorati. But I have no idea what sandboxes are - except the playground kind with real sand, of course. I learn something new every Tuesday!

Kathy said...

I enjoy widgets also. I love looking at their side bars to see what kind of things they add there.

Lenore said...

I work in new media, so I've been around widgets a long time. Still haven't figured out how to do drop down menus though!

Book Lover Lisa said...

That is some interesting stuff to look at. Thanks.

Cathy said...

I enjoy playing around with Wordle, too!