16 September 2008

Tuesday Things

Today's Question: Have you ever added a quote to the quotation field in common knowledge? What's a quote you particularly like from a book, one that you know by heart?
My favorite quote ever is from Alexander Pope Essay on Man:
Hope springs eternal in the human breast,
Man never is, but always to be blest. (30)
My daughter was born in 1979, two weeks late. She had meconium aspiration and was on a ventilator for three days. When she was finally off the ventilator, we were so excited. The lead doctor came up and said to us "I have no idea what you are so excited about - your daughter - if she lives - will either be severely retarded, completely crippled, or a vegetable." First, my ex-husband nearly decked him. Then I broke down. The intern who had been working with us came up to us and said - never, ever give up hope. He was my hero and I hoped that when his practice got huge and crazy that he would never forget those words. **My daughter graduated from college last December and is doing well...neither retarded or crippled. But the real issue is that we would have loved her no matter what!
Back to the question - I have never put a quote in the common knowledge field. For whatever reason, I don't participate fully in the things that LibraryThing has to offer. I also loved many of the quotes in The Things They Carried and would consider adding some of those to LibraryThing.
As always, excellent question. Thanks.
Flusi the LibrarysCat


jlshall said...

It’s too bad some medical professionals don’t seem to realize they’re dealing with human beings and not just statistics on a chart. But I’m so glad your daughter defied the odds and is doing so well. Yes, if we give up hope, there’s not much reason to keep getting out of bed every morning!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story. I, too, hope that intern has remembered those words.

S. Krishna said...

Beautiful story about your daughter!

I too love some of the quotes from The Things They Carried - what an amazing book!