20 May 2008

Tuesday Thingers

Welcome Tuesday Thingers!
I read a wide variety of blogs and discussion boards, but only joined in on five of them on LibraryThing. I spend such a large amount of time online that I wonder what I would do if I was stuck on a desert island - oh wait, read! I read a few posts and I agree with many who have said how nice everyone seems to be in the LibraryThing spaces. The latest thing I have "joined" in anticipation of some discussions is DailyLit where you can get classis emailed to you in daily installments free. (I was so grateful to see a reference to this site on one of the LibraryThingers blogs because I had seen it once before, but could not remember the name). Still the discussions there do not seem very robust.


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of "Daily Lit"... hmm interesting, although I think I'd rather have all at once instead of installments :)

Jacquie Reaville said...

I wonder if the DailyLit one was mine, I know I posted about it but I saw it on someone else's and can't remember who. It's a bit like ghost stories, you always know someone who knew someone who'd seen a ghost.

Anonymous said...

I've also just added you to my LibraryThing Bloggers page, so drop by to make sure your name and link are correct :)