10 July 2007

1. Trans-Sister Radio

This 2000 novel by Chris Bohjalian was quite good - the story of a male college professor who falls into a romantic relationship with a divorced female teacher only months before his scheduled sex change operation. In chapters told in different voices, inclcuding the ex-husband of the teacher and her daughter, you follow the story set in a very small and prejudiced town.

I found it very interesting that the author provided considerable detail about the surgery itself and the emotional life of someone faced with growing up with the wrong body. Because I essentially agree that this is a possibility that is often dismissed by those less open to issues on sexuality, I really found these parts of the book compelling.

Because I don't like to find spoilers in posts - even when warned - I will not be adding anything other than the statement that you should make sure to read the whole book because I have heard there is going to be a sequel from this very successful author.


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